The KJ Sponge


NOTE: 4 sponges for £10 selection will be picked at random



What is konjac sponge? Konjac sponge is a 100% pure natural Konjac powder (extracted from the konjac plant) sponge used for cleansing the face and body. Being unbelievably soft and gentle,it is ideal for all skin types including newborn babies. This super soft sponge contains konjac glucomannan, which makes it ideal for deep cleansing, detoxifying, hydrating and balancing. Daily usage circulates the blood which in return brings back the natural glow of skin, smoothes the skin’s surface, and tightens pores. You can use this along side your cleansing & exfoliating products. For Exfoliation use dry. For cleansing use damp. We hope you love it!


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