Black beauty blender – Small egg shape


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Effortless blending in small or large surface areas. This prevents lines and streaks that edged and flat sponges leave behind. Easy to use and super-soft material.

When properly prepared, ensures that makeup sits on top of the sponge and is not absorbed into it.

Save your makeup and time!
Smoother, more balanced blending.

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2 FOR 6, 3 FOR 10

How to use

Wet thoroughly with water

Squeeze by holding in the palm of one hand and closing the fingers around it to expel the water – your sponge will expand to twice its size and be much softer. (To avoid splits, snags, rips or tears squeeze delicately, avoiding rubbing against harsh surface, pinching or twisting).

Bounce makeup and skincare across your face for a perfect application every time! When you have cleaned your sponge, (soak in warm water with baby shampoo) just pop it onto the open top of the canister it comes in to air-dry.


Konjac foam; 100% latex free.


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