Bridal Scents

Bridal Scents – by Saira Javed –

Have you ever given thought about how you would like to smell on your wedding day? Sounds crazy right? Well neither did I. Upon speaking to some brides to be, it has come to my attention that a bridal fragrance is just as important as your jewellery or your dress. Weddings are stressful enough, so I have put the top three scents of the season to the test, which saves you time and one less thing to stress about.

Smells, fragrances are so connected to memories, which means you need to find a fragrance you will enjoy for years to come, and in a single sniff you are taken back down memory lane. 
A floral scent is the obvious choice it seems, and I have combined three of the best from brands D&G, Tom Ford and Caroline Herrera all thanks to the courtesy of The Perfume shop!!

Scent one, Tom Ford – ‘Black Orchid’ – (unisex) £82 for a 50ml bottle from The Perfume Shop.

After smelling this scent, I imagined a white dressing table clean, crisp, and the beautiful rays of sunshine reflecting on the mirror, a beautiful breeze coming through and it’s the morning of your wedding day. By now you have had your makeup artist your hairdresser and dress fitter all been, there standing is you and now the only thing that you need to pick up and apply to yourself is some of this black and gold ribbed elegant bottle which has epic lasting power, and an irresistible sexy, spicy fragrance which take you on a mystical journey. Leaving behind a scent trail everyone will relate to the bride as it lasts for hours! Believe it or not this fragrance was created in 2006 and is still significantly relevant after 12 years. Perfect for 

Scent two, Dolce & Gabbana – ‘Garden’ – (ladies) £66 for 50 ml at The Perfume Shop

Top marks for the prettiest of bottles, this scent just reminds me of a Bollywood actress running in slow motion through a flower filled garden, (cheesy I know) blossom on the air, citrus fruits and orchards releasing the super fresh oils into the breeze hitting of your face. It is so fresh and sharp with a softness from the oils. This one is for our panic princess’s one to calm the nerves with its chic sensuality.

Scent three, Caroline Hererra – ‘Good Girl’ – (ladies) £62.50 for 50ml from The Perfume Shop.
So, tongue in cheek this will give you mouth cramp, Herrera’s idea of a ‘good girl’ isn’t for the fainthearted. It’s bold, lively and fierce (with Tonka and Coffee) and unapologetically sexy, that goes for the bottle too, an ankle-breaking black stiletto. If that sounds like your personality, then it’s the perfect match made in heaven!

A big thank you to The Perfume Shop for their PR support. Article written by Saira Javed,

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