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Blackheads Head back!

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are all well and somehow managing to stay warm through all this snow! Now my pet hate, when it comes to skincare problems is much bigger and annoying than you think….. yes it’s blackheads!!  […]

Hayfever High…..

It’s nice to see a change in weather, perhaps not everyone will agree.  However,  I suffer bad from hayfever, or more commonly known as skin allergies caused by certain food/diet change, pets, sun exposure and weather. Which is why I […]

Bridal Scents

Bridal Scents – by Saira Javed – Have you ever given thought about how you would like to smell on your wedding day? Sounds crazy right? Well neither did I. Upon speaking to some brides to be, it has […]

Who’s tried EX1 cosmetics ?

EX1 Product Review – Saira Javed – After reading the Glamour magazine review by Lottie Winter (beauty editor) it was brought to my attention that the EX1’s Delete Fluide Concealer has been put to the test by stars like […]