(Using Botulinum Type A, formerly known as Botox)

    1 Area £130 Including 2 week review (optional)
    2 Areas £180 Including 2 week review (optional)
    3 Areas £220 Including 2 week review (optional)

    Areas*: Frontalis (Frown lines) Glabella (No 11 furrows) Orbicularis Oculi (Crows feet)
    All treatments are subject to a full consultation*
    All other areas will require GP letter of consent*


    Face & Lips

    Nasolabial folds 1ml £180
    Nasolabial folds 2ml £220 (Smile lines)
    Marrionette lines 1ml £180
    Marrionette lines 2ml £220 (sadness lines/puppet lines)
    Lip enhancement 0.5ml £140
    Lip enhancement 1ml £180
    Lip enhancement 2ml £240
    Lip correction (Dissolve Filler) £150

    *prices vary upon how much product is required and which brand of product is used, discussed during consultation.

  • Facial Augmentation

    Cheek Filler - 2ml - £300
    Jawline Filler - 2ml - £300
    Chin Augmentation - 1ml - £150

    All the above package price £600 (cheeks, jawline & chin)

    All the above and Dermal Lip Filler package £750 (cheeks, jawline, chin, and Lips)

    Tear trough Filler
    (under eye area) 0.5ml £220
    1ml £270
    1.5ml £300

    Full face Augmentation Package £990!
    (Cheeks, jawline, chin, lips & Tear Troughs)

  • Mesotherapy

    Profhilo 1 area £280 ( Areas: Face, Neck, Hands and Arms)

    Sunekos 1200 1 Area £295
    (requires two sittings, 4 weeks apart)
    (Areas: Face, Neck, Eyes)

    Book two sittings package for £550
    B12 vitamin shot Injection £40 one off (10 weekly)

  • Now introducing Aqualyx - Fat Dissolving Injections

    What is Aqualyx? Aqualyx is made up from a number of different plant based compounds that have been refined in a lab environment. Aqualyx dissolves the membranes of fat cells in the treated area. The fat cells become unstable and break open. The fatty acids contained within the cell are then eliminated by macrophages (part of the body’s immune system) and the liver.
    From £99

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